No one is arguing that when it comes to hair color, your skills are crazy good. You can whip up a cool beachy balayage, stormy grey or peachy rose gold with the best of them. So it’s not about creating the hair color your clients crave, it’s what comes next. Namely, when your client leaves your chair, she’s in the sun, in the pool, in the shower and soon, her hair color is in trouble. As her beautiful hue starts to fade away, she starts to question the time and money she invested in her hair. But don’t fret because there’s a solution that not only preserves your client’s color, it also elevates your service and your income.

Enter fab pro by evo hair. evo is an upstart company based in Australia that prides itself on being honest, ethical and gimmick-free while maintaining loads of cheeky personality. (Take a look at their instagram and you get the picture.) Among evo’s extensive product offering is evo fab pro which was born out of a real need to maintain a full spectrum of hair colours in-between salon visits.

“Customized color maintenance conditioners allow professional colorists to help maintain their clients’ color at home for longer,” says Jay Kownacki, Head of Education for evo hair. “With a system like evo fab pro, the stylist creates the client’s shade and mixes it with conditioner. If the client uses it once a week, it instantly refreshes and prolongs the life of her color.”

With customization at its core, fab pro offers unlimited creativity, giving colorists the power to create an entirely custom blend for every client. “Platinum, vintage rose, plush beige, caramel latte, silver fox—these are all doable shades with fab pro direct dyes,” says Jay.

fab pro can be used to enhance any brand of permanent, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color. And not only does the system keep color clients happy and content, it’s also a big boost for your color business. “It gives the salon the ability to boost retail revenue by offering a unique product that the customer cannot get from anyone other than their stylist,” says Jay. “At the same time, it will not impact existing retail sales because it’s an entirely new category.”

Jay recommends adding the fab pro color system to your menu. “We also encourage salons to build a customized maintenance conditioner into all color services,” he adds. “What’s more, it can be used for a variety of in-salon services including color correction, toning and color enhancing. We like to say it’s a win-win-win!”

evo’s colour maintenance offering doesn’t end with fab pro, they also offer a shelf-to-shower color boosting treatment. Available in eight ready-made shades, evo fabuloso is an at-home conditioning treatment designed to keep clients’ hair looking vibrant and healthy for longer. It instantly refreshes, tones, revives and adds shine to color treated hair.

Explore evo fab pro and find out how you can add this easy, client-delighting service to your menu.