How to Create a Pulled Donut Braid Updo

by June 24, 2019

Looking to take a braided updo to the next level?

Well, Sam Villa, Co-Founder of Sam Villa and Redken Global Artistic ambassador, is sharing tips on how to create a fun pulled donut braid updo. 

“It really is as easy as ponytail, bun, braid, pull off, fold and pin," Villa says. "It’s an ideal look to teach guests to add value to their experience in your chair."-

This technique can transform hair and create new shapes and textures.

Villa recommends using the Sam Villa Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush and Finishing Brush. To get the look, follow the steps below: 

  • Brush vertically to detangle and then use finishing brush to add polish.
  • Gather hair into ponytail at back and use an elastic with a butchers knot to secure.
  • Cover the elastic by using Villa’s hairpin technique.
  • Create a simple bun in back using a donut.
  • Divide ends into two sections and create a three-strand braid down the center of the bun, grabbing hair to feed the sections and securing with an elastic.
  • Pull the top of the braid, take it off the donut and slide the donut off.
  • Lift from center of braid, pull up, create a shape and pin in place.

For a full tutorial, watch Villa's video

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