Aveda’s New Vegan Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher

by MODERN Staff | March 21, 2019 | Aveda | Finishing Products

Aveda is giving “no wash day” a fresh twist with Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher, an all-new formula that features no-rinse micellar technology and naturally-derived styling polymers, working to instantly refresh hair’s natural texture and cleanse the scalp.

This color-safe formula provides a lightweight, flexible hold to reshape waves, curls and coils between shampoos and leaves a fresh and bright floral-citrus aroma in hair. Perfect for post-workout refreshment, second-day hair or on-the-go styling, Rinseless Refresh also promises to help tame frizz for 72 hours, even in the most intense humidity.

Rinseless Refresh was developed for those who are looking for more than just a dry shampoo between wash days, but a product that helps to cleanse the scalp and reshape and revive hair’s natural texture.For best results, to cleanse the scalp, part hair, hold bottle 4-6 inches away from target area, apply as desired and massage in. To refresh hair, hold bottle 6-8 inches away and dampen hair, roots to ends. Then, style as normal; there’s no rinsing required.

“Rinseless Refresh uses babassu-derived ‘micelles’, which work like microscopic magnets to help lift impurities from the scalp,” says Anita Grahn, Aveda’s Executive Director of Global Hair Care Formulation. “The inner part of the micelle is attracted to dirt and oil and the outer side is attracted to water, which is how they help lift these substances to cleanse. This product is a great ‘no wash day’ option for those with waves, curls or coils, or those who don’t love the feeling of dry shampoo.”

Rinseless Refresh is optimized for fine, medium or coarse hair with slightly wavy to very tight coily textures. Those with straight to wavy hair will experience the best results with Shampure Dry Shampoo. Rinseless Refresh features Aveda’s own Pure-Fume aroma with jasmine and certified organic mandarin, lemon, ylang ylang and other pure flower and plant essences.

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