Aveda Launches Brow Definers

by MODERN Staff | March 21, 2019 | Aveda | Cosmetics

Shape, fill and groom your way to perfect brows with Aveda’s new vegan and 100% naturally derived Brow Definer. This multitasking brow pencil comes in four color-complementing shades and is enriched with a balanced blend of botanically derived emollients, conditioning agents, waxes and minerals. Brow Definer delivers a smooth application and long-wearing color that’s smudge-proof and resistant to water, sweat and humidity.

Brow Definer features an innovative shifted lead technology allowing for a customizable application to achieve a natural look or a full bold brow with a simple shift of the pencil. The Brow Definer offers dual application with a tip edge and slanted edge. Use the pointed tip end for outlining, shaping and drawing fine, subtle lines to design the brow, and the flat-slanted edge for filling in and covering wider brow surfaces.

“What’s great about the Brow Definer is its slanted edge—even if you sharpen it, it will stay slanted. You’ll want to use that slanted edge to avoid making your brows look too painted on or too defined,” explained Janell Geason, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Makeup.

Brow Definer gives you the benefits of a brow defining wax or pomade that has been formulated into a standard pencil form, which allows more precision and control. Brow Definer is Ophthalmologist-tested, and like all Aveda products, is cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Finding the Perfect Shade for Your Clients

Light Blonde: Recommended for warm blonde hair with gold undertones
Dark Blonde: Recommended for cool blonde or grey hair with ash undertones
Light Brown: Recommended for warm brunette or red hair with copper or gold undertones
Dark Brown: Recommended for cool brunette, black or red hair with violet, neutral or ash undertones

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