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Green Tea Enhances Innisfree Skin Care Collection

by Anne Moratto | April 16, 2019 | Innisfree | Skin Care

The innisfree Beauty Green Tea Skin Care Collection features a Green Tea grown and harvested on a USDA-certified organic farm on Korea's Jeju Island. Beauty Green Tea is a product of Jeju Island’s unique eco-system. Formed by volcanic eruptions many years ago, the island’s soil is comprised of 80% volcanic ash soil. Rich in nutrients, this soil fosters an abundance of flora. The subtropical climate, with warm temperature and frequent rainfall, provides the ideal conditions for Green Tea to flourish.

The new Beauty Green Tea is a variety known for improving skin moisture. The organic leaves are plucked from the stem, steamed for 30 seconds to retain nutrients and pressed. The extract is then stabilized for freshness and purified for safe application to the skin. This special variety is also 3.5x more enriched with 16 amino acids that
aid in skin hydration.

 The innisfree brand plans to open 10+ stores across the U.S. by end of 2019 with additional ones already in the pipeline for 2020, all generated out of consumer demand.

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