Agadir International Launches Two New Products in Men's Line

by MODERN Staff | May 28, 2019 | Agadír International | Finishing ProductsSkin Care
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Agadir International, the healthy hair and skincare company, has announced the launch of two new products in the Agadir Men’s line, Invisible Shave Gel and Face and Body Splash Cooling After-Shave Tonic.

“We’re excited to expand our line to include two new products designed just for men to help them achieve a smooth, comfortable shave while also providing skin care benefits including tightening, toning, invigorating and soothing,” Jack Bogosian of Agadir International says. “These products complement the products currently in our men’s line and offer men a specialized element to each shave.”

A transparent gel with a smooth texture, the Invisible Shave Gel is formulated with ingredients including oud oil for a light, smoky and aromatic finish and witch hazel, which heals and protects the skin.

The Face and Body Splash is designed to cool and refresh the skin after a shave, with a lasting signature Oud Wood scent. The Splash Cooling After-Shave Tonic is designed to provide a smooth result by tightening and toning the skin; and it can be used as an overall body tonic to invigorate and soothe the skin after bathing or showering.

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