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by Katie Johns| June 28, 2019 | Glo Skin Beauty | CosmeticsSkin Care
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When a bride-to-be is planning her wedding, she has a lot on her plate, and one of those things might just be her eyebrows. 

Eyebrows are important in creating symmetry on the face as they balance and frame other features. To know what the best look is for her brows, a bride should have a makeup trial done ahead of the big day. 

"A makeup trial should be completed a month or two before the wedding, "Senior Global Makeup Artist/Educator at Glo Skin Beauty, Janeena Billera, says. "Everyone has a different brow and hair type, shape and preference. You want to look like yourself, just a better version of yourself."

But before a trial, clients should have an idea of their style preference. Brides, and even grooms, can bring model or celebrity photos as examples to their trials. 

And before that walk down the aisle, finish off brows with product depending on the effect a client wants. 

Glo Skin Beauty offers several products that can complete brow looks. 

Brow Products

• Glo Skin Beauty Brow Powder Duo has a soft formula that naturally fills brows while matching any brow color.
• Glo Skin Beauty Brow Quads include two Brow Powder shades to help customize natural brow color, plus a champagne-hued cream based highlighter to accent the inner corner of eyes and enhance the brow bone, along with a Brow Wax to maintain shape and hold hair in place.
• Glo Skin Beauty Precision Brow Pencil provides natural looking brows (perfect for the already full brow) that softly defines and fills. It is designed for all climates, but especially suited to last in warm weather!
• Glo Skin Beauty Precise Micro Browliner helps frame and shape brows with its ultra-slim pencil since it fills in sparse areas with precision and detail. This long lasting, wax-based formula is designed to glide on skin and won’t budge or smudge.
• Glo Skin Beauty Brow Gel is a water-based flexible hold gel formula designed to provide brow sculpting control by holding stray hairs in place. It also defines the brow line, but also provides longer wearability to your look.

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