There are few things that crush a colorist more than when hours of work goes into creating and formulating the ideal shade for your client only for it to fade as quickly as, sometimes, just a few shampoos.

So when MODERN SALON Artist Connective member Kristi Waldrop, @theartistkristi, recently created a vibrant yellow shade on her client, she chose to work with Goldwell@Pure Pigments, a direct dye additive designed for tone-on-tone boosting, holographic effects, more vibrancy and greater longevity.

"These @Pure Pigments are without a doubt the coolest thing I have seen in a long time!" Waldrop writes in her Instagram post. "Game changer!"

Goldwell explains that the Pure Pigments don’t mix together — they sit next to each other on the hair so that each dye reflects its own color.

Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, and Pure Violet create a vibrant effect while Pearl Blue and Matte Green soften and counteract unwanted tones.

When combined with Goldwell’s color brands, in this case Waldrop used Colorance, @Pure Pigments is designed to create results with 63% more shine, shades are boosted by up to three-times the color intensity, and color will have two-times more resistance to color fading.

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Goldwell Pure Pigments Yellow by Kristi Waldrop

Step 1: Platinum card 1/4-inch away from scalp with @Goldwell Silk Lift 15 vol. Process 40 min at room temp. 

Step 2: Apply Silk Lift 20 vol. to scalp. Process 25 min at room temperature.

Step 3: Shampoo, condition and blow dry.

Step 4: Apply Gold formula to dry hair. @Goldwell TopChic 10GB 30g + 2 full stoppers of Pure Yellow. Process 30 min. 

Step 5: Rinse in cold water. Peekaboo formulas used on extensions. Rose formula: 30g Colorance pastel rose + 2 drops Pure Red Orange Formula: 30g Colorance 10N + 2 Stoppers of Pure Orange. 

Hair: Kristi Waldrop @theartistkristi