2019 MODERN SALON 100: Morgan Abernathy @colored.in.chaos
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Morgan Abernathy @colored.in.chaos

Morgan Abernathy, a colorist in Charlotte, North Carolina, says launching her Instagram page breathed new life into her craft—in addition to being pickier about the clientele she now services at Studio Chaos. Her audience loves to follow her not only for her beautiful reds and jewel-toned effects but also for her “keeping it real” approach to the industry and real connections she makes with her community. Fun fact? She’s also a writer and working on her very own romance novel!

Morgan Abernathy


Studio Chaos, Charlotte, North Carolina

Specialty: Reds and jewel-tones

Top-performing post: A fiery red melt topped with a ruby crown

Favorite apps: SnapSeed is my go-to for all editing purposes. Vee for video and music selection.

2019 MODERN SALON 100: Morgan Abernathy @colored.in.chaos
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Morgan Abernathy @colored.in.chaos
I follow: @hairbymisskellyo @hair_princess_steph @AdlyDesign @jaywesleyolson @Doug_Theo

Pro tip: Taking outdoor photos is best with indirect sunlight to illuminate, without too harsh of lighting. Direct sunlight is a no-no, hair is too shiny and reflects light instead of receiving light.

Hidden talent: I don’t offer it in my services anymore because color has taken over my life, but I can wax perfect brows with my eyes closed.

Fun fact: I write! I’m actually writing a romance.

My audience follows me because: I’ve been told my work is aesthetically pleasing and that everyone loves my attitude. I’m not above keeping it real—but in a nice way.

How social media changed my life: Social media breathed life back into my craft. It’s allowed me to be pickier about my clientele and where I want to take my business instead of taking what walks off the street.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time MODERN SALON posted one of my photos I shed tears. I didn’t know what was happening: I opened up Instagram and had crazy notifications and DMs. I was really confused then someone sent me my photo on @modernsalon and I couldn’t believe It. It was a huge transformation I had just done along with my caption telling everyone about the struggles of going from complete correction to white. On top of that, I had just started my hair crystal business and she was wearing one of my crowns. So, it not only changed the game for my professional Instagram but it put my crystal business on the map as well.



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