Jess Dworniczak @jessdeehair

Jess Dworniczak @jessdeehair

Jess Dworniczak is a stylist based in Philadelphia. She uses her @jessdeehair Instagram platform to showcase her balayage and color skills and also serve up "tell it like it is" advice for beauty professionals. MODERN SALON editors follow Dworniczak for more than her color skills and advice, we also love her writing skills and reached out about sharing her experiences.

Jess Dworniczak


Hatboro, PA

Love Salon, Southampton Pennsylvania

Specialty: Empowerment, business growth, balayage

Top-performing post: a video of a demo of “scrubbing the cuticle” to remove product buildup. It went viral because it was so controversial, but that was the post that grew my thick skin for internet haters.

Favorite apps: Facetune for photo touching skin, background imperfections; Snapseed for lighting editing

I follow: @garyvee, @iamginabianca, @ashleenormanhair, @itsmrjladner

Jess Dworniczak @jessdeehair

Jess Dworniczak @jessdeehair

Pro tip: Post content that feels organic to you instead of what you think you should be posting, and let your personality show through to the fullest.

Hidden talent: My original passion was short cuts.

Fun fact: I’m an excellent writer.

My audience follows me because: Because I’m that bitchy friend that evidently everyone always wanted.

How social media changed my life: As much as I hate how social media consumed our collective soul as humans, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t opened doors for me that wouldn’t have ever opened otherwise. There wouldn’t have even been doors otherwise, they’d have been nice crisp drywall and the contractor wouldn’t have even noticed a nice shiny door should go there.

My first @modernsalon feature: I posted a black and bright red ombré on my tattooed friend and it was my first post that got that big reshare! I walked around showing everyone like they had any idea what it meant. You would’ve thought I was showing them the presidential election results with me as the victor.

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