Breann Garcia of Fort Worth, Texas, is best known for her upstyling and bridal updos but she can also crush a makeup finish. Perhaps it’s because she’s a CrossFit junkie who can do a handstand push-up (really), but this stylist can whip up an award-winning style in just 10-minutes flat!  She says she loves Instagram because it keeps her on her game, always finding new inspiration.

Breann Garcia


Studio B. hair by Breann Garcia, Fort Worth, Texas

Specialty: Upstyling and bridal updos

Top-performing post: MODERN SALON’s Slay Belles competition: the detail and color were very eye catching in the upstyles I created.

I follow: @lalasupdos @jessicadomoney @amandajeank @tiffanymhair @beautymarkedbysarah

Pro tip: Pay attention to what your client is wearing—nothing too busy, it takes away from the hair.

Hidden talent: I can whip up an updo in 10 minutes, and I can also do makeup really well

Fun fact: I’m a CrossFit junkie. I can do a handstand push up.

My audience follows me because: I don’t have just one thing I specialize in, I do a a little bit of both color work and upstyling.

How social media changed my life: I love Instagram it keeps me on my game, always finding inspo , having people comment on my work brings me happiness even the not-so-nice comments I just keep pushing for bigger and better.

My first @modernsalon feature: I cried! I was six-months pregnant and in a funk worried about everything when I got the news I was so happy and when I made it to the last challenge of the Slay Belles competition and I was so grateful for the opportunity and got to meet some new friends and talented women.


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