Christina Kreitel @christinakreitel

Christina Kreitel @christinakreitel

Christina Kreitel brings her best in every post—really. The Orem, Utah-based pro is a master at color, education, redheads, blonding, extensions and color corrections—but it’s her storytelling captions that make her the real deal. Fun facts, she’s also amazing at fades AND loves to crochet and cross stitch! Her audience loves to follow her for always keeping it real, sharing the behind-the-scenes of her life as a mother of two and a member of the CosmoProf Artistic Team, and balancing it all.

Christina Kreitel


Intrepid Studio Salon, Orem, Utah

Specialty: Redheads, blonding, extensions and color correction

Top-performing post: I have about a dozen videos that went viral that all had to do with motherhood. One was about post-partum hair loss. It totally shocked everyone because it’s one topic that happens to all mothers but no one ever talks about. People loved watching me pull out a big clump of hair from my client’s natural post-partum shed.

Favorite apps: Face Tune to clean up my clients’ skin, iMovie for videos and WordSwag for my logo and watermark.

I follow: @omgartistry @lo_wheelerdavis @prettylittleombre @mattyconrad @jacobhkahn

Christina Kreitel @christinakreitel

Christina Kreitel @christinakreitel

Pro tip: Of course you need to make sure your work is clean and beautiful, but videos will do 10x better than any picture. The key is to keep people on your page as long as possible. So a video or an album or pictures is always best. Remember to always tell a story. In your caption talk about what you did but also talk about yourself. A topic that’s on your mind, what’s going on in your day, something that makes you feel vulnerable.

Hidden talent: I’m really good at doing fades, but I hate doing them. It’s the little hairs, they make me itch when they get all over my arms or stuck in my clothes. Drives me crazy.

Fun fact: I love to crochet and cross stitch. I’m a little old lady at heart. I make blankets and stockings every Christmas.

My audience follows me because: Because I’m a real human being who doesn’t care about pleasing the masses. I don’t care about building a following, I care about building a community. I feel that social is full of lies and false senses of success. It’s really to remember you’re awesome when all you see is someone else’s curated perfect life. I show that I’m a normal girl with kids and I mess up just like everyone else. The difference is, I don’t allow my mess ups or kids or my circumstances to stop me from getting what I want. I have dreams and instead of using the hard stuff to hold me back, I use it to propel me forward.

How social media changed my life: Social media makes the beauty world so much smaller. Once you realize that behind every brand is a human being, you can remember that you can be friends with them.

My first @modernsalon feature: Five years ago, I did a photoshoot with a friend just for fun, and did this updo that looked like a Hershey Kiss. MODERN reposted it and I freaked! First time I remember feeling special and appreciated. That’s actually when I realized I could use Insta to further my career!

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