Chelsea Roberts @Chelseabrebeauty

Chelsea Roberts @Chelseabrebeauty

Chelsea Roberts of St. Louis, Missouri, is best known for her vibrants, pastels and balayage. Her clients always point out how flawless her foil folds are (“The all align so perfectly without any crinkles! I should take up origami,” she says.) She loves taking her clients outside for natural lighting photos, and her audience follows her because of her transparency with her color processes.

Chelsea Roberts


Hg Hair Studio, St. Louis

Specialty: Vibrants, pastels and balayage

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was a color I called Wild Berry Pop-Tart that cmobines three of my favorite things, soft metallic pastels, party ponies and naming hair after food.

Favorite apps: Facetune 2 to brighten up my white backdrop and I like to fix any facial blemishes for my models; Photoshop for the “healing” tool i to remove little spots on the backdrop or get rid of pony tails around clients’ wrists; and Splice for video editing.

I follow: @shmeggsandbacon @k.s.colors @kristinacheeseman @cicelydoesmyhair

Chelsea Roberts @Chelseabrebeauty

Chelsea Roberts @Chelseabrebeauty

Pro tip: Get them out of the chair and take them outside! Natural lighting is a must. Really pay attention to your insights! Instagram has so many built in tools that I use religiously.

Hidden talent: All of my clients always point out how flawless my foil folds are. They all align so perfectly with no crinkles. I should take up origami.

Fun fact: I can sleep for 15 hours straight.

My audience follows me because: I try to be really transparent with my color processes! Explaining struggles I had while doing them, tips I found that made things easier, how long they took, etc.

How social media changed my life: I jumped from an hourly salon into a salon suite and wasn’t prepared at all. I started focusing on Instagram, doing free hair to have photos to post and putting myself out there. I was able to double my business in six months. I’m so thankful for the clients I’ve been able to meet and friendships that have grown from social media. It really helped push me out of my comfort zone which allowed me to grow so much. Not only in my craft but in my social life as well!

My first @modernsalon feature: My first feature was 7 months ago! It was a color I called Starburst on my friend! We both saw it and texted one another in shock. I’m still always in awe at all the support I get from everyone.

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