Shannon Romano @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_

Shannon Romano @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_

Shannon Romano is an incredible creative colorist and, really, hair artist known her hand-painting on hair. Based in Syracuse, New York, Shannon colors hand-sewn wigs, and hand-paints artistic elements on the wig and photographs herself in them! Her Bansky hair photo went totally viral—and when MODERN posted it she said it made her cry. “I can honestly say the only time I ever cried tears of joy in my life was when I had my babies and when @modernsalon posted my work!” Her career history is peppered with experiences that have all played a part in her present-day artistry and how she captures that content. Although she has years of salon experience—on and off for 17 years—she had a stint as a spotlight operator at the Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas that likely helped teach her how to capture her art with specialized lighting.

Shannon Romano


Syracuse, New York

Specialty: Creative color and painting on hair

Top-performing post: My Bansky hair

Favorite apps: My Canon app I connect to my camera so I can use my phone as my remote to take photos of myself wearing the wigs that I make. I use Facetune2 to darken the background of my photos to really make them pop or to super impose things into the background or onto my body.

I follow: @petite.doll @aykuymaykut @paulfuentes_designs @sarashakeel @klaire_kipley

Shannon Romano @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_

Shannon Romano @_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_

Pro tip: The caption helps to make people want to respond and comment. You can like a photo for it attracting you but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to make the extra effort to leave a comment. That comes from what you write! Write in a way that makes the viewer feel something powerful inside themselves. Something that provokes an emotion or a feeling within someone will make them not only leave you a comment but it will make them excited to leave you a comment! When responding to people that leave comments, say thank you but go the extra step and say something nice back to them or start a conversation with them. Show their page some love back! It has to come out naturally, when you are feeling your best and in a great mood! So post when you are into it!

My audience follows me because: I create art with hair in a unique way. If you are passionate about something, whatever it may be, people can tell. And they are attracted to that passion and drive! What I do isn’t for everyone but I’ve created a bond with like-minded people that came for the cool hair photos but they stay and engage for the person.

Fun fact: I’m a twin. And I can run a spotlight! I use to work for Cirque Du Soleil as a lighting technician/spotlight operator.

My first @modernsalon feature: It was my Bansky hair photo! I couldn’t believe it! I can honestly say the only time I ever cried tears of joy in my life was when I had my babies and when @modernsalon posted my work! It was very surreal to me and it really still is honestly. To be able to create how I want and to be recognized for that and loved for it is beyond my wildest dreams!

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