Balayage a New Way With Schwarzkopf Professional's BLONDME

by MODERN Staff | July 24, 2019 | Schwarzkopf Professional | Hair Color

Schwarzkopf Professional is launching a new tool for blonde looks. 

Further embracing the balayage trend and the move away from foils, Schwarzkopf Professional's latest blonde innovation – BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener – is a lightener with Integrated Bond Enforcing Technology that empowers hairdressers to produce creative, freehand, blonde looks.

Master tomorrow's balayage today with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener: Confident. Powerful. Individual. Iconic.

Balayage with BLONDME:

BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener – has been developed to support the growing client demand for more freehand, trending color applications. The soft-to-solid formula creates an outer shell, which allows the lightener to stay moist on the inside, unleashing its full lifting power, while the outer shell helps to protect uncolored hair from product transfer.


  • Soft-to-solid formula
  • Integrated Bonding Technology
  • Up to 7 levels of lift

To support the innovation, a new Carmel Kiss look has been developed by Global BLONDME Ambassador and King of Balayage, Jack Howard; he showcases a Dimensional Balayage Technique using BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener, which has been designed to help salon clients tiptoe into the world of blonde.

Schwarzkopf Professional's new Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener from BLONDME integrates seamlessly into the assortment, which offers a unique color and care range, truly dedicated to blonde. 

“I love BLONDME because it really enabled me to step up my blonding game, especially on clients with level 4 hair and darker," Maggie Hancock, a member of the Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team, says. "I would honestly cancel my day if I didn’t have it in stock..!”


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