John Livingston @jcash_thehairtech

John Livingston @jcash_thehairtech

His attention to detail and sense of play in his designs means John Livingston is making a living doing what he loves.

John Livingston


Another Level, Sharon, Pennsylvania

Specialty: Men’s hair, undercut designs and designs

Top-performing post: I want to say it was the post I did for last year’s Licensed to Create Awards. It was the eagle and American flag. I believe it got a lot of hits because of timing (right around the 4th of July), and it was a very powerful image.

Favorite apps: Layout because I can grind photos the way I want, and DU Recorder for screen recording and editing videos, but I just mainly use my phone for editing videos (Samsung S10+).

I follow: @Titan_Barber, @luiiisc_ ,@Keonthebarber, @Artistry_by_gabriel, @Freesaloneducation

John Livingston @jcash_thehairtech

John Livingston @jcash_thehairtech

Pro tip: Tag and hashtag the specific people you want to see your post. I’ve used high schools, cities, restaurants and definitely the products and tools you’re using. I also have hashtags that I would like to call my own, so that there is another portfolio of everything I do.

Fun fact: I’m an awesome bowler, 217 average.

My audience follows me because: I like to keep it real. Everything I do is me, the chair, my phone and a ring light. And when I do live videos, I just like to be me and keep it light and fun. That’s how I am working, so that’s how I am behind the camera as well.

How social media changed my life: It gave me a way to really show what I can do, and from those that I follow, it helps me keep up with trends and keeps my creative juices flowing.

My first @modernsalon feature: I’m going to say the article from last year’s CosmoProf Licensed to Create Awards. I was in a group picture on the header as well as a pic with my hand in the air in victory right after I won and did a break dance in the middle of the stage. My winning shot was also featured on a full page with my headshot and name. I was mind blown.

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