Debora Varga @debvargashair

Debora Varga @debvargashair 

We’ve watched Debora Vargas continually elevate her game—in her salon work and in the way she captures images.  We follow her to see what blonding beauties she will share next.

Debora Vargas


Spanish Fork, Utah

Intrepid Studio Salon in Orem, Utah

Specialty: I am best known for my blonding services.

Top-performing post: My most engagement of a post lately is between a video of me showcasing the way I like to “root tap” my money pieces to keep them nice and bright with over 75,000 views, over 3.4k likes and over 1K saves. Also, I recently posted a before/after blended photo with a formula breakdown on the actual photo. It was my most liked photo to date reaching over 3.6k likes and over 900 saves.

Favorite apps: I love using InShot for my video editing, and I love that you can speed your footage up to four times the speed, and it has awesome transitions for videos that make it fun and interesting to watch. I love ReTouch to help remove anything in the background that may be distracting to the photo, and of course Facetune, to help whiten background as well as blur out to make the hair the focal point. I also love Unfold to create cute, interesting Instagram stories.

I follow: @Omgartistry @jacobhkhan @lizhaven @prettylittleombre @justinandersoncolor

Debora Varga @debvargashair

Debora Varga @debvargashair 

Pro tip: Don’t rush the finish work. I have learned that taking your time with the finishing work, from the styling to the actual photo, will pay off immensely. Take that extra 10 minutes and make the blow out smooth so your style looks top notch. Don’t rush the photo taking process. The clients are excited about their new color, they don’t mind helping you get good photos to show it off so try different poses, angles and lightning is everything! I use a Canon Rebel t6 and that has been such a great investment for my photos and my business and has truly elevated my content. Save your tips and invest in yourself.

Hidden talent: I’m actually bomb at eyebrows. From waxing, to shaping, to tinting. I was the go-to girl in hair school that would do everyone’s brows and since then I have always kept that little love.

Fun fact: I’m actually a really good cook. I actually considered going to culinary school before hair school because of how much I have always loved it.

My audience follows me because: I try to share as much as I can. Anything I learn I try to put it back out there. Whether it’s a technique, a formula, a little hack, hidden product. I try to be very open on my page about what I use, why I use it and hopefully that can help someone.

How social media changed my life: I have really tried in the last year to focus on my social media, worked on improving my content, improving my relationships with my audience by being more present in the comments and it’s amazing what doors it can open. I am also so grateful for the incredible relationships I have had the pleasure of creating through this digital world which later leads to true friendships.

My first @modernsalon feature: It was about six months after graduating hair school. At the time I was so critical of myself and my work. I hardly ever looked at my work and felt proud but I freaking still always put myself out there and I am so grateful I did. It was this blue balayage I had done and I was so insecure about it because it was so outside my comfort zone but I decided to post it anyway and I got such a good response and got reposted on MODERN SALON’s Instagram page. That was my first big feature and I know it sounds silly but that experience stuck with me because it reminded me to always be proud of what I’m doing. It’s amazing to see my growth since then!


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