Wynter DePriest @monarchhairco  

Wynter DePriest @monarchhairco 

Pastels, waves, glitter, and more, Wynter DePriest’s work always catches the eye.

Wynter DePriest


Monarch Hair Co., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Specialty: blending brights with naturals, platinum blonding, balayage, glitter styling

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was the very first time I used glitter stars sprinkled into a style. It was a fiery red bob that I named “Sailor Moon Meets Firebird,” and it went everywhere. It was definitely, and still is, my most shared and featured photo. No one was really sprinkling loose glitter into dry hair yet, so I think people loved that it was new and eye catching.

Favorite apps: I use Facetune to blur backgrounds, patch out any skin imperfections or distractions on the back walls and to add more professionalism to my photos. It’s amazing how the background can make or break your hair photo. I also use A Design Kit mainly for my stories to help me design posters for classes or to help my announcements or educational posts have a good balance of professionalism and fun. I also take short videos of the hair using Snapchat and then save and repost them to my Instagram feed or stories. This way it catches the song I’m playing on my phone and for whatever reason, I like the layout of their camera best for capturing the detail of my client’s hair in video form.

I follow: @chrisweberhair, @jamiedanahairstylist, @bohobrushed, @jenatkinhair, @hairbymisskellyo

Pro tip: My most engaging photos, by far, have all been hair with dry glitter styled into them. It’s not actually about the glitter itself but about bringing something to the table that is different. If your hair work is unique and excellent with some type of spin on it (glitter hair, a specific braid, knot styling, white fur rug on your client’s shoulders under the hair, or just a very dope and unique color technique) it will garner more attention than other photos. Don’t focus on how you can impress other people or get the most shares. Look within yourself to find what you love and what makes you unique, and then be unapologetic about that thing. Press deep into it, and I guarantee your individualism will push your page and work to the next level.

Hidden talent: I know this will sound controversial, but I am a very messy stylist, but I promise there is a method to my madness, and the hair itself does not look messy. I can create seamless blends at a very quick pace even it looks like a hot mess during the process. I apprenticed for my training, and so even though I have technique and learn a lot from other skilled stylists around me, I definitely have my own ways of doing things that look crazy but achieve amazing results! I’ve had a few apprentices under me, and I always apologize for how crazy it seems in the beginning, but I hope they learn unique and specific things from me that you wouldn’t learn from someone else.

Fun fact: I am a singer/songwriter, and in 2013 I wrote and recorded a full length album under my maiden name, Wynter Poe. It was a huge part of my younger college age years, and I miss writing and recording a lot.

My audience follows me because: Hopefully because they are inspired and encouraged to take risks and chances with their businesses. I’ve worked as my own boss for over three years and have been consistently booked out since I opened. I want to use whatever skills I have to empower others to take the leap out on their own if that’s what is best for their business. I’m a working mother, so I love sharing those aspects into my page to relate to other working moms. I’m also very real and silly in my stories. I’m not afraid of no-makeup days or to share personal things about my life, and I think people find that refreshing.

How social media changed my life: I can’t imagine my business flourishing like it does without social media. It acts as an incredible (and free!) marketing tool that connects me to potential clients. I put out the work that I love and that inspires me, and that in turn attracts the clientele that like my style of coloring and cutting. I still have new clients weekly who found me solely through Instagram or Facebook. It has also connected me to so many incredible friendships and so much education through websites like MODERN SALON so that I can continue learning and getting better every day.

My first @modernsalon feature: My first time being featured on MODERN SALON was the fiery red bob with glitter stars. I was floored, and I couldn’t believe that my work was actually being featured. I texted a screenshot to my family and close salon friends, and I remember being so happy and thankful.


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