Creative braids and beautiful styling perfectly complement the creative color done by Lisa Salgado. 

Lisa Salgado
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Specialty: Bright, vibrant colors.
Top-performing post: My most engaged photo of all time was of a silver metallic that happens to be on one of my hair besties, Val. She had just had her nails done for Halloween, so we incorporated that into the shot, and it made for the perfect spooky silver look. 
Favorite apps: I use mostly Photogrid and PicsArt for cropping and face blemishes. 
Who I follow: Since I have been trying to incorporate more braids onto my page lately, I have been super inspired by @anotherbraid and @alex_haircraft. I am always in awe of the creativity that @caitlinfordhair brings. And my hairbesties, @supvalerie and @nellieduclos are so supportive and inspiring on a daily basis.

Pro tip: Definitely engaging with your followers. Also, the quality of the photo, make it crisp and clean. Try to find new angles to showcase the color in the best way possible. 
Hidden talent: Braids. I can definitely watch a tutorial on a new braid and pick it up rather quickly. 
Fun fact: I played the clarinet and saxophone for many years. If hair didn’t steal my heart, I would be in the music world.
My audience follows me because: I think my audience loves to follow me for my bright colors.
How social media changed my life: I went from working in a chain salon to renting a chair, and I remember being nervous on how I would be able to pay my rent every week. So I started an Instagram and used my friends as models to get my page full of fun colors that I loved doing. Before I knew it the calls, texts and DMs started flowing in, and now I’m booking out weeks sometimes months.
My first @modernsalon feature: I remember I ran to my hair besties and had an ‘OMG’ moment, of course. It was a very bright orange, and I remember I had a hard time getting all her hair in the picture and finding the right lighting. I definitely didn’t think it would be noticed, but I loved it so much I posted it anyway and hoped for the best. Just goes to show, you need to worry less about what others think and listen to your heart!

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