Amber Barazini @ambergerofhair

Amber Barazini @ambergerofhair

Are you in the market for a page of beautiful blonde inspiration splashed with pops of vibrant hues? Then Amber Baranzini (@amburgerofhair) is your girl. When Barazini captures her color work, she has perfected the art of the wave—glam, beachy and beyond—to take her color work to the next level.

Amber Barazini


Radar Salon, San Diego

Specialty: Transformations, color corrections, blonding

Top-performing post: I think it went viral because of the impact of the actual before vs the after. You could feel her confidence coming through the after photo.

Favorite apps: SplitPic is great for side by side/before-and-afters, Perfect365 to smooth the client’s face if it’s showing in the photo, Videoshop to put together videos because it has all the tools of creating a cool video.

I follow: @isaac4mayor @jenatkinhair, @jackmartincolorist, @passionsquared, @presleypoe

Amber Barazini @ambergerofhair

Amber Barazini @ambergerofhair

Pro tip: Brand yourself. You want people to be able to spot your work out of the crowd, Instagram is filled with millions of photos so making an impact at a first glance is a big deal.

Hidden talent: I am a makeup artist. I worked weddings, editorial photo shoots and did SpecialFX before working in the salon.

My audience follows me because: I’ve had people say they can feel my energy through my posts. I am consistent, I keep it down to earth and share valuable information with them.

How social media changed my life: I have had opportunities that probably wouldn’t have come up if not for social media. It pushes me to be a better artist because I am constantly seeing everyone else’s work. It allows me to stay connected with other stylists that I feel like I’ve known forever but only see at hair shows.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time I remember being featured on MODERN SALON was when they came out with an article on the top 25 Money Pieces Worth Their Weight in Gold. I saw the message on Instagram that I was tagged in their stories, and I thought it had been a mistake. It was one of my first really good blonde shots so it felt really good that MODERN put it up next to all these other established, talented hairstylists.

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