Emily Boulin @emilyboulinhair

Emily Boulin @emilyboulinhair

Before getting her cosmetology license, Emily Boulin (@emilyboulinhair) was certified as a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist. Her eye for depth, highlights and hues translates into her color work, creating colorful melts, silky metallic, bright balayage and everything in between.

Emily Boulin


Emily Boulin Hair Studio, Baltimore, Maryland

Specialty: Vibrants and blonding

Top-performing post: My client always lets me create whatever I want and will stay an extra hour or two to let me photograph her hair. (I’m a lucky stylist!) I think this post did so well because it has an interesting color theme, moody metallic tones are currently on trend. I also think the soft updo embellished with a few stars made it whimsical and playful, without over doing it. I think this photo can still appeal to people who have no interest in fashion tones, and that’s what made it successful.

Favorite apps: Facetune for the teeth whitening option to white out/pale the background of my photos for a cleaner look and make the hair pop. I adjust lighting using Instagram editing tools.

I follow: @brianacisneros, @shannonra, @lora_arellano

Emily Boulin @emilyboulinhair

Emily Boulin @emilyboulinhair

Pro tip: Use descriptive hashtags that describe what’s in the photo. When people search hashtags, they generally are looking for something in particular. They also create trends. Tag companies or feature pages who repost and that your style aligns with.

Hidden talent: I got certified as a MAC Cosmetics Makeup Artist before attaining a cosmetology license, and I actually love gore/special effects makeup! I love mixing glam and gore makeup. Think glitter with lots of blood.

My audience follows me because: Everyday I work, I try to post my clients’ process from beginning to end in my Instagram stories. I think stylists like to see what I’m doing behind my own chair to create, and clients like to see the live end result. I think sharing education, with great results, gets a lot of traction. It reaffirms you’re not over editing photos and creates a signature for your brand. If I don’t post in my stories, my views and presence can dramatically decrease.

How social media changed my life: I opened up my own studio, and work for myself. Location and salon curb appeal used to be more important in the industry when potential clients would look for a place to get their hair done. Now, a lot of clients search for individual artists rather than a spot/salon. Social media can build clientele based on individual work because now stylists have the ability to brand themselves. I now only receive the type of appointments I prefer to do, and I’m not reliant on a salon owner to advertise, and create those opportunities for me. Clients feel like they know you, and are loyal. I also just love creating content! It makes my job fun!

My first @modernsalon feature: I may not remember the very first time, but this past year a black to lavender melted bob I created landed in the “Top 25 Bobs Collection.” My client was pretty excited!

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