An eye for photography is in Jessica Domoney’s  (@jessicadomoney) blood—really, her parents are both photographers! These skills help her capture her braids and updo work on a variety of backgrounds, lighting situations and locations—perfect for taking advantage of Florida’s greenery and beaches in her own backyard!

Jessica Domoney


Glambox Artistry, Estero, FL

Specialty: Bridal, braids

Top-performing post: I feel we are always after a classy-but-fun pony full of volume and texture. This was a style I did for her rehearsal dinner and it screamed Serena van der Woodsen from “Gossip Girl” to me!

Favorite apps: FaceTune2 to smooth skin and whiten my backgrounds, Moldiv to watermark, Inshot to edit videos!

I follow: @tonyastylist, @natalieannhair, @samirasjewelry, @omgartistry, @styles_by_reneemarie

Pro tip: I grew up with photographers as parents, so I learned a lot about lighting, which is key to a good shot. I also like to show more than just the back of the head so creating not only a polished and perfected style but the “whole image” is important to me as well. I have been working on being more engaging with my captions, but I also feel the time of day I post is important; I draft my posts and save them so as soon as my alarm goes off in the morning I simply have to post.

Hidden beauty talent: I was terrified of braiding and updos until about four years ago. I’d give myself anxiety if I booked an updo. I learned the best way to overcome my fears was to face them, and I continue to push myself today.

My audience follows me because: My audience loves my big braids and bridal styles. They love seeing and learning heatless styles and ways to shave time off their styles. They also love my intricate braids.

How social media changed my life: Social Media has opened a whole new world of exposure for me. We were able to stay connected to each people from throughout our lives and Instagram really opened the door for us to connect with new people and inspire each other. It doesn’t matter geographically where we live if we have internet we are connected, and the friends I’ve developed along the way are priceless.

My first @modernsalon feature: My first feature was one of those adrenaline rushes where you temporarily blackout and freeze thinking you’re dreaming! Once I calmed down a little and started seeing the image, I realized it was also my face!

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