Ice, ice baby! Leigha Lane @leighalane is a walking billboard for the color work she loves to do most—icy blondes. Sporting a platinum pixie herself, Lane says her most engaged post so far has been one of her “ice queen” bleach-and-tones. “She likes to be glow-in-the-dark blonde, a girl after my own heart,” Lane says.

Leigha Lane


Sirène, Atlanta

Specialty: Blonding

Top-performing post: It was of one of my ice queens! She is a bleach and tone and likes to be glow-in-the-dark blonde, a girl after my own heart. I posted a video of me combing her fresh color and blunt cut, everything was so clean and crisp. I think it got a lot of attention because the color is so mesmerizing.  I could stare at it forever.

Favorite apps: Facetune to clean up the background and make the hair pop; Unfold to spice up my stories and for cute layouts for videos and transformations.

I follow: @desiperkins, @romeufelipe,  @brianacisneros

Pro tip: Lighting, lighting, lighting! And if you can find natural light, you’ve struck gold! I’m so thankful to work in a studio that has enormous windows that makes our guests feel like angels. And if the sun is nowhere to be found, a ring light is the next best thing.

Hidden talent: I actually worked as a makeup artist for years when I first got into the beauty industry. I worked for Bobbi Brown, Too Faced and Bare Minerals while building my clientele in upstate New York.

My audience follows me because: I hope it’s because they think I’m genuine. I’m not trying to be anything but the absolute best version of me. And that translates into my work. I don’t believe in editing photos to alter the hair. To me that’s false advertising.

How social media changed my life: As artists, we can be extremely hard on ourselves so it’s amazing to interact with creatives from all walks of life and be a positive force in someone’s life. I have gained so many incredible clients and supportive friends from social media. I have always loved taking photos of my guests’ hair and being able to see how beautiful they feel at the end of their service. Social media has not only allowed me to share this with the world but also build up other people as well.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time I was featured I think I sent the post to everyone I knew ha! I have always admired @modernsalon and was over the moon. My client and I still talk about it to this day how we made our big debut as a team when we made her blonde.

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