Sadé Huckabee @Sadeofcourse

Sadé Huckabee @Sadeofcourse

Have you been wanting to experiment with your Instagram grid? Sadé  Huckabee (@sadeofcourse) gives drool-worthy inspiration. Not only is her color work beautiful, but her rows of photos are on fleek. Her recipe includes three shots of one look—two different angles that frame a zoomed-in look at her handiwork. Prepare for soreness in your scrolling thumb—don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Sadé Huckabee


Iron Rose Salon, Oklahoma City

Specialty: Vibrant color

Top-performing post: I created a marigold wavy bob, which was shared by quite a few large accounts. I feel like it received this reaction because all-over yellows aren’t something a client typically goes for, but when they do, you have no choice but to make it awesome!

Favorite apps: PicsArt cleans up your content with minimal effort, FilmoraGo is really user friendly for videos.

I follow: @presleypoe, @goodbyehorsegirl, @Itsaspenray, @artbeautychaos, @vividandbalayaged

Sadé Huckabee @Sadeofcourse

Sadé Huckabee @Sadeofcourse

Pro tip: Quality content is key, and everyone loves a good story to read!

Hidden beauty talent: I feel like I’m great at creating elegant waves.

My audience follows me because: For my colorful content.

How social media changed my life: It is practically a second job, but being able to inspire other artists is really rewarding!

My first @modernsalon feature: I was featured during a #playingwithpurple contest! It was super exciting!

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