Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich

Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich


Amanda Ludwig (@thehairwhich) has done an amazing job at branding herself. Of course, she has done so as the kind of beauty BFF you’d love to have both on Instagram and off with supportive, encouraging comments and conversation, but she has also done so with her “hair which” persona. On each post, she frames her caption with a signature pattern of emojis that, even when her name isn’t anchoring them, are specific to her. You can’t see 🔮🖤☠ without Ludwig in mind—genius!

Amanda Ludwig



Salon Domane, Narberth, Pennsylvania

Specialty: Balayage, bridal

Top-performing post: A photo of my client on her phone showing me a photo of her “goal” hair—dark roots and platinum dimension throughout the hair—we recreated the look and nailed it! She looked so happy, and my followers could tell!

Favorite apps: FaceTune to help blur out background images that may distract the hair, iMovie to create easy tutorials for my followers to follow along with, Typorama to add captions and directions on photos.

I follow: @blondorexia, @mane_ivy, @senadakxo, @itsmrjladner, @thetrashmask

Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich

Amanda Ludwig @thehairwhich

Pro tip: It’s important for my pictures to stand out or else they get lost in a sea of white walls. I love finding a fun background or even blurring the background to allow a strong focus on the hair.

Hidden talent: I loved giving head massages as a shampoo assistant. It thought it was the best/ easiest job. Everyone LOVED you depending on the massage you gave.

My audience follows me because: I’ve always tried to keep it real. My photos look like MY photos. I discuss a lot of topics stylists don’t feel comfortable chatting about—I am 100% transparent.

How social media changed my life: My entire book is thanks my Instagram. It’s free marketing and gives you access to communication with both new and old clients.

My first @modernsalon feature: My client wanted a balay-bob with a strong face-framing piece up front. She lifted to even better than what we were aiming for. We finished, she loved it. I snapped a one photo, tagged only Modern and BOOM it was reposted. I cried. That had been my only hair goal for the year.

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