Casey Powell @updoguru

 Casey Powell @updoguru

Do you ever get ideas that you swipe aside because you think they are too crazy or out there? Casey Powell (@updoguru) will convince you otherwise. Her very first bobby pin sculpture hairstyle, an aesthetic she has become synonymous with and widely recognized for, took her career to the next level. “I remember feeling nervous [posting it on Instagram] but thought it was too cool not to,” she says. “I’m so grateful everyone enjoys my weird art!”

Casey Powell


Modern Classic Beauty, Jacksonville, Florida

Specialty: Updos, bobby pins

Top-performing post: My very first bobby pin creation. Originally, I posted it not knowing if it was too much or if anyone would like it. I remember feeling nervous but thinking it was just too cool not to!

Favorite apps: Photoshop to edit out random hairs or healing any blemishes on clients/models, Snapseed to take out shadows from backgrounds and expand the picture if it’s too close cropped.

Who I’m following: @blushandmane, @ryogiimaizumi, @omarantoniosebastian, @georgiykot @zachkilian

Casey Powell @updoguru

 Casey Powell @updoguru

Pro tip: I like to use natural light by shooting in front of a big window and I make my caption either something heartfelt, a play on a funny meme or make it informational and then tag a location that might have something going on related to the hairstyle.

Hidden talent: Putting on eyelashes! I always get asked about them. I use this product line called Lashify to put false lashes on.

My audience follows me because: I’m so grateful everyone enjoys my weird art! The bobby pin sculpture updos are definitely the fan fave.

How social media changed my life: I’ve gained so many super talented and supportive friends! It’s made the world a smaller place, giving me more opportunities to travel, opened the door for many awesome collaborations and even got me on stage doing hair!

My first @modernsalon feature: I’m pretty sure I cried. It was just such an amazing feeling to have my artwork recognized and then reading everyone’s comments. Seriously, every time I need a pick-me-up I go back and read it.

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