2019 MODERN SALON 100: Bridget House @bridget.house
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Bridget House @bridget.house

Bridget House (@bridget.house) says she loves to shock her audience with what she describes as “crazy” techniques including cap highlights, men’s hair replacements, fun memes and especially posts like her most engaged – a “Saved By The Bell” lime green faux perm. The blue roots were the added bonus!

Bridget House


EmBee Hair Space, Dayton, Washington

Specialty: I think I’m best known for the variety of things I do and my love of shocking people with crazy techniques (cap highlights for example).  I also do rainbows,

2019 MODERN SALON 100: Bridget House @bridget.house
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Bridget House @bridget.house
men’s hair replacements, memes and braids.

Top-performing post: It was a big lime green with blue roots, curly late ’80s Saved by the Bell faux-perm look. I think curls/big hair is going to make a huge comeback. The juxtaposition of such a modern color on an old school look caught people’s eye.

Favorite apps: PicsArt for easy watermarks, Facetune for smoothing blemishes, Snapseed for brightening or dimming backgrounds

I follow: @phildoeshair, @jaymz.marsters, @garyvee, @kristinacheeseman

Pro tip: Use plain, bright backgrounds and natural light ANY time it’s possible.

Hidden talent: I still do cap highlights from time to time, and everyone is always blown away by how current I make them look.

Fun fact: I’m a cornucopia of useless trivia.

My audience follows me because: I’m a bit of a dork. I’m sure they are just curious as to what nonsense I’m up to now.

How social media changed my life: I’m a stylist in a town of 1,600. We have one stoplight and no fast food. There is no way I would have the hair adventures, opportunities or amazing stylist friends I have without social media.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time I was featured was on a pink and purple long-haired look I did on one of my muses. I was desperately trying to channel my inner Guy Tang with the styling. It felt INCREDIBLY out of my comfort zone, but I pushed through my worry and posted it anyway. I was SO THRILLED when a look I had agonized over was recognized and well received!

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