Akeiri Taylor @Curls_by_kiki

Akeiri Taylor @Curls_by_kiki

Akeiri Taylor (@Curls_by_kiki) is known for her curly hair finishes. She loves sharing transformations and feels an obligation to letting her audience know how to get great results between salon visits.

Akeiri Taylor


The Curlology Studio, Plantation, Florida

Specialty: specializing in naturally curly hair.

Top-performing post: One of my long time clients from New Jersey, who comes down once a year to visit, is known for her heavy curls. On May 23rd, she wanted a curly fro - so that’s exactly what she got! She honestly didn’t even know that shape was possible for her curls. It was such a fun day in the salon styling and shaping her curls. I think it went viral just because the before and after are really cool to see side by side.

Favorite apps: Unum- It shows you when its best to post based off how many likes you’ve received from any other previous post, and it also will post automatically for you on a timer. It just keeps you more organized, and who doesn’t love that? Unfold gives you nice templates so your IG can have a clean minimalistic theme if you choose and also creates nice templates for your story as well. Splitpic helps blurs pictures together and also is great for doing side by sides.

I follow: @Colormecurls, @Lucianbusuioc, @Alissa.Ashley, @Kiaraamaria, @Beingbrittanybenson, @Mckenzie_renae

Akeiri Taylor @Curls_by_kiki

Akeiri Taylor @Curls_by_kiki

Pro tip: The best tips I can give to get the best results on a post is honestly a little bit of everything. Know your followers and get an app that can tell you when the best time to post is based on the algorithm. Lighting does make a huge difference. Natural lighting is the best, so make sure you have a clean background behind your subject. Another good tip is to create good captions to involve and engage your viewers.

Hidden talent: I did a little freelance makeup back in the day, and I also worked at the European Wax Center. I love shaping eyebrows!

Fun fact: I like to draw and make crafts.

My audience follows me because: They love seeing the transformations and also being educated.

How social media changed my life: It allows me to post my portfolio to reach wider range from Florida to the U.K. I love how social media can really open up so many new opportunities.

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