Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Tabetha L Carns, @tabetha_and_co, thrives on creativity, whether it’s mixing up patterns and placements while working on a client, or doing any of her arts and crafts like making jewelry or decorating wine glasses that she admits is her secret talent. She is passionate about her audience and says “I truly love seeing others that I have had the privilege to help or inspire, succeed with their own goals.”

Tabetha L. Carns


The Salon by cnyfacecandy, Syracuse, New York

Specialty: Dimensional color

Top-performing post: I created a beautiful dimensional coppery balayage, and it was probably shared on 15-20 different pages. Not only was it a beautiful color, but the position I had her angled at made the photo that much more intriguing.

Favorite apps: I love Facetune to blur out the background. I use picArt to create all my side by sides. I use Canva to create my inspiration and brand art.

I follow: @danielmbeauty, @mane_ivy, @aaashleee, @camoflaugebalayage, @msrachelhollis

Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Tabetha L. Carns @tabetha_and_co

Pro tip: I believe that lighting, time of the post and position of the clients hair all play a huge role in how hair photos portray a stylist’s work. Lighting is probably the most important. Indirect lighting under an awning or in front of a window, I believe, captures the best detail and is true to color and tone. I think we are all trying to still figure out the secret of Instagram. I honestly post four to five times a week, and it’s usually in the morning because that’s when I have time.

Hidden talent: Most of the time I color my own hair. I also get bored sometimes and just create new placements and patterns while I am working on my clients’ hair!

Fun fact: I love to do arts and crafts and painting. I own a Cricut machine and love to create just about anything I can with it! Creativity is always on my mind whether it’s hair, wine glasses, art and decorations, homemade jewelry, coffee tumblers, etc. Being creative can be stressful at times at work, but then puts me at ease when I am at home alone, creating and listening to music.

My audience follows me because: I am relatable and genuine. I want to stay true to who I am, and that is a woman who wants the best for all. I truly love seeing others that I have had the privilege to help or inspire succeed with their own goals.

How social media changed my life: Social media has created a platform and audience to build my brand. I love how it has brought so many people together and helped us all chase and achieve our individual dreams. Because of the brand that the social media platform has helped me build, I have a full client list. As a result of the social media community, I am able to share my knowledge and gain knowledge from the many other talented stylists out there so that we can all continue to improve ourselves.

My first @modernsalon feature: I believe it was November 2018. With more than 11,000 likes and almost 200 comments this was the photo that went viral on so many pages — a dimensional beautiful coppery balayage. I was so proud of my feature on MODERN SALON because it was one of the only pages I had not been featured on yet, and I was bound and determined to get on MODERN.

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