Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair

 Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair 

 Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair 

Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair is a master of bridal hair but acknowledges that long hairdressing may be intimidating. The key, she says, is knowing what you are getting in to. According to a recent post, “strong consultation is what makes the process easy like Sunday morning.”

Fiorella Castro


Fiorella Castro Hair, Wellington, Florida

Specialty: Brides and balayage

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was actually a page from my manifestation notebook I write in. I like to affirm things to myself and about two years ago I lost my father unexpectedly, and I ended up in a toxic dependent relationship. I was working in a salon that wasn’t a good fit for me, and I impulsively signed a lease to my studio not knowing how to even run a business. I wrote in this book every day the same thing, “I’m a six-figure Hairdresser. I’m a six-figure hairdresser.” Fast forward to my first year in business, and I closed my year bringing in six figures. I cried so unbelievably hard, but I’m very much grateful for my fateful leap.

Favorite apps: Snapseed to refine the lighting is THE BEST! I use Facetune 2 because who doesn’t like smooth skin, and I use my “SMOVE” gimbal to record, so the app to create 1080p video is the best!

I follow: @iamginabianca, @prettylittleombre, @giadespo, @thechampagnediet, @nina2leo

Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair

 Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair 

 Fiorella Castro @fiorellacastrohair 

Pro tip: Keep it real! Educate clients and stylists why you did what you did or why you used what you used!

Hidden talent: I’m insanely quick at doing upstyles. I normally book about 10 people (max) for a wedding by myself — no assistance needed!

Fun fact: I draw still life art! It’s my hobby that grounds me back down and gets me away from my “hair” world.

My audience follows me because: I would like to think because I keep it real. If I have a bad day, I tell them on my stories that it’s okay to have a bad day. If I have no makeup on, I’ll do a story with no makeup on. I don’t stage my life. I keep it as real as my roots.

How social media changed my life: It has granted me the ability to build not only my business but my network, in such a short amount of time. In a world where you had to physically go out and engage to meet people, we now have the world at our finger tips. ! have been able to connect with so many creative stylists, gain new friendships and build a client base, all from the palm my hand. Social media has a reputation of removing human connection but in my life, l have never felt more connected.

My first @modernsalon feature: I almost dropped my phone! There’s nothing more satisfying than putting in the work and being recognized! I think in this world of hashtags, the right caption, who to tag, when a huge brand like MODERN SALON reposts, you can’t help but say, “YESSSSSS!” #cuethehappytears

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