Ursula Goff @uggoff

Ursula Goff @uggoff

Ursula Goff @uggoff

Ursula goff  @uggoff specializes in fashion hair color and hair painting. She is inspired by art and nature as evidenced by her most popular posts – a Van Gogh “Starry Night” finish and anything with a sunflower theme.

Ursula Goff


Karma Salon, Wellington, Kansas

Specialty: Fashion color and hair painting

Top-performing post: The art inspired hair I’ve done over the years all consistently get a lot of attention. It seems like any time I’m kind of geeking out on a weird project, it ends up being popular. I think the Van Gogh Starry Night hair has been the most re-published, probably because of how recognizable Van Gogh’s work is. More recently, the nature-inspired hair I’ve done has gone viral as well. People seem to especially like sunflower-inspired hair.

Favorite apps: The only app I really use is Splice for video editing.

I follow: @kristinacheeseman, @natgeoadventure, @callenschaub, @johal_geometrics,@mymodernmet

Ursula Goff @uggoff

Ursula Goff @uggoff

Ursula Goff @uggoff

Pro tip: I find that the posts I am reluctant to share, usually because they feel silly or self-indulgent, tend to be the most popular ones. If I make a nerd post about being inspired by nature or art or space, I usually assume everyone will be bored, but those are often the ones that do really well. Basically, I just recommend that you be yourself, because your people will really respond to that, and since it’s “social” media, that’s kind of the point!

Hidden talent: I’m actually pretty good at balayage, but they almost always end up covered with fashion color.

Fun fact: I can remember almost everything I read, so I can get ridiculously high scores on standardized tests.

My audience follows me because: I think they like the uniqueness of my work, but I also get a lot of good feedback about the things I discuss in my captions and stories, which is usually general life stuff and mental health discussion and advocacy. I think a lot of people out there feel heard when I invite discussion about difficult or taboo subjects.

How social media changed my life: Social media has given me a community of similarly creative and ambitious people to connect with. Having a platform to express my specific brand of weirdness has given me opportunities for work and status that are not otherwise available where I live in rural Kansas. I make more money now doing exactly what I want than I ever could have dreamed, and I have found a fantastic support network that I didn’t think was possible. It has made the trajectory of my career take a 90 degree turn straight up!

My first @modernsalon feature: Modern shared a collaboration look I did with some of my besties for a Goonies class we taught last year. Joleen Thicklin lightened the model. I gave her a last-minute sunset hair color with Joico colors. Nadine Donovan styled her, and Philip Ring took some great photos of it.

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