Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

When not doing cartwheels or front handsprings (his hidden talent), Justin Dill, @hairbyjdill, can be found at the Dolce Salon and Spa in Millburn, NJ, creating his wearable and consumer-friendly finishes. His clients come to him for balayage, blonding, extensions and styling – so close to everything!

Justin Dill


Dolce Salon and Spa, Millburn, New Jersey

Specialty: Balayage/blondes, tape-in extensions and styling

Top-performing post: I have two. My pink pastel balayages or my red head balayage. Pastel pink and a natural red head balayage is not something you see too often, so I think it really stands out on my page and against others as well.

Favorite apps: Splice for when I need to make a great video or clip.

I follow: @aleckk,@jenkzzzz, @ecrunewyork, @domdomhair, @danieljosephmuldoon

Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

Justin Dill @hairbyjdill

Pro tip: Always lighting! When taking pics in the salon, make sure it’s during the day and the natural light can come through the windows. Also, ring lights are the best! I always hashtag words and sayings directly related to my post. Captions need to be catchy and unique. Using bold fonts and different types in your caption help it stand out!

Hidden talent: My blowouts can last over a week (client-approved!)

Fun fact: I can do cart-wheels/round-offs and front handsprings .

My audience follows me because: Fun, authenticity and rawness

How social media changed my life: It helps me connect with amazing people I wouldn’t normally get to connect with and opens up a lot of doorways and paths.

My first @modernsalon feature: It was a rooted icy bleach out with extensions. Everything about it was aesthetically pleasing (hair tone, lighting, positioning, etc.)

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