Marina Sellecchia, @colorbymarina, says that sharing formulas is really her tip to success. When it comes to posting in general, Sellecchia advises to think quality over quantity. “Don’t just post because you think you’re supposed to. Post what you’re proud of, what truly represents you, your work and your target audience.”

Marina Sellecchia


Carmine & Co, Warrington, Pennsylvania

Specialty: Balayage and lived in color

Top-performing post: it was a formula breakdown post on a brunette that I did that I shared this past April. It got almost 3K likes and 1.2K saved it. That’s my biggest post to date! I think it did well because people like to see what I use and how I achieve the looks that I share on my page. I know I find it interesting to see fellow stylists’ techniques!

Favorite apps: Facetune for whitening/blurring the background, SplitPic for doing side by sides of my before and after photos.

People I’m following: @prettylittleombre, @coloredbycaitlin, @the_blondologist, @styledby_debbe, @danielleemilie

Pro tip: My motto is always quality over quantity. Don’t just post because you think you’re supposed to. Post what you’re proud of, what truly represents you, your work and your target audience. Be genuine!

Hidden talent: I love color corrections. They’re so challenging but keep me on my game, and they’re so rewarding in the end!

Fun fact: I’m fluent in Italian.

My audience follows me because: I think they like to look at pretty hair and like my breakdowns and explanations of what I use and why. No BS, just sharing my love of creating beautiful hair!

How social media changed my life: I’ve been in this industry and at the same salon for 17 years! I built my book up pretty solid before social media was even around. I built it up the old school way by word of mouth and passing my business cards out. I started my IG page only a little over a year ago because I wanted a place to share my work that wasn’t on my personal page — which was private. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that in such a short time I would have more than 10K followers, meet some of the most amazing people in this industry, and best of all —  gain more of my dream clientele. Long hair, lived-in color is my passion and that’s now what people seek me out for. It’s amazing. My once steadily busy book has now reached a point where I’m so full that I can no longer take new clients. It’s so wild to me, but I am so, so grateful and blessed!

My first @modernsalon feature: I can remember it clear as day! It was one of my first big features, and I was so excited I was freaking out! It was a photo of one of my favorite blonde clients whose hair is a dream. Modern accidentally tagged someone else for the credit instead of me, but they quickly corrected it and then shouted me out in another post sharing my whole page - so sweet and very much appreciated.

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