2019 MODERN SALON 100: Kim Tran @HairbyKimTran
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Kim Tran @HairbyKimTran

At MODERN, we often talk about having major hair envy when stylists post work that leaves us feeling like the heart eye emoji. Kim Tran embodies this feeling in nearly every finish she posts, but what also blows us away are Tran’s helpful video tutorials and her willingness to share her tips and tricks with the beauty community.

Kim Tran


Fairfax, Virginia

PR at Partners Tysons Corner McLean, Virginia

Specialty: Balayage and my version of babylights ( I like to call them #Kimlights)

Top-performing post: I would have to say that it was my post of my client Maddy. For our appointment, I had chopped her hair and created a blunt bob and touched up her iced out blonde.

Favorite apps: Phonto, Diptic, Videoshop

I follow: @SalSalHair, @AnhcoTran, @Hairby_Chrissy, @Lo_Wheelerdavis, @Mustinnnn

2019 MODERN SALON 100: Kim Tran @HairbyKimTran
2019 MODERN SALON 100: Kim Tran @HairbyKimTran
Pro tip: I personally think it’s a lot about the posing that you ask your client to do! I focus a lot on the hair (of course) but especially on my clients’ facial features and making sure they look good, too.

Fun fact: Baby whisperer lol

My audience follows me because: I think it’s because I’m open to sharing my techniques to the world, and I genuinely want to help everyone.

How social media changed my life: It opened up my eyes to realizing how social media can reach around the world and that we’re all connected in some sort of way! It definitely helped build my book up, and I have people look at my Instagram as my portfolio to book their appointments with me.

My first @modernsalon feature: One of the times was actually the photo I mentioned earlier, my client Maddy. It was probably one of my proudest haircuts that I have ever done on anyone! I was so excited to post my photo because I couldn’t believe how beautiful my client looked (and she is already so gorgeous). I believe it was reposted last year in October when I did her hair. The haircut and color went together so well. At that time, I didn’t do too many short cuts, and after that post, my clients started coming in wanting a shorter style, which was awesome!

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