Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

If need-to-have hair could be summed up in one photo, it would be on Michelle Zeller Porumb’s page. Except the problem is that literally every post on her page exemplifies need-to-have hair! Her salty manes make us want to pack our bags immediately and move to Arizona in the hopes that our hair might be touched by this blonding goddess. This savvy businesswoman redefines the ultimate cool-girl chic, and her boss lady personality make us want to be her best friend.

Michelle Zeller-Porumb


Mane Ivy Peoria, Arizona

Specialty: Bronde and blonde specialist

Top-performing post: My two top Mane Chicks Casey and Brittney, who are the top requested colors in salons.

Favorite apps: Facetune, Retouch, StoryArt

I follow: @prettylittleombré, @saramaylevel10, @chelseahaircutters, @Jmalone

Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

Michelle Zeller-Porumb @Mane_ivy

Pro tip: Show the whole look and not just the hair. I like to caption the feeling behind the Mane Chick. Also lighting is huge; having indirect light that’s shaded is perfect.

Hidden talent: The finishing touch on how to create so much volume for that Instagram picture.

My audience follows me because: My work and branding is consistent so they know it when they see it.

How social media changed my life: It has opened up so many doors for me to get into education and now launch my own tour. It also has given me an audience to be able to start my own Scrunchie line and more to come.

My first @modernsalon feature: Oh man, I can’t remember that, but the one I do remember is of Mary! I was so honored when you reached out to me to get the formula and process.

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