Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Mary Thomaston isn’t a regular mom—she’s a cool mom. Seriously, a simple glance at her Instagram pages shows her daughter rocking super cool cuts and colors. But when she isn’t busy helping her daughter become a rockstar, Thomaston is taking her clients to new levels with fun, vibrant shades or even pretty blended neutrals.

Mary Thomaston


Hair by Mary T., Panama City Beach, FL

Specialty: All things color! From creative color to balayage I do it all.

Top-performing post: My most viral post was when I colored my 6-year-old daughter’s hair teal and shaved a sun design on the side. People went nuts! Good and bad, but hey...everyone’s got an opinion.

Favorite apps: I like to use FaceTune on my clients that show their faces in the pics. It just helps everything to look smoother.

I follow: @jayne_edosalon, @alix_maya, @caitlinfordhair, @lalasupdos

Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Mary Thomaston @marythomaston

Pro tip: Making sure the picture is clear and pleasant-looking and hashtags are relevant to the photo.

Hidden talent: I don’t promote this much, but I do have some makeup skills.

Fun fact: I’m great at roller skating. I was even MVP on my local roller derby team.

My audience follows me because: I really think they love the photos of my daughter the most.

How social media changed my life: It has opened the door to new clientele, more information, education and connections in the hair world.

My first @modernsalon feature: My first MODERN SALON feature was my daughter’s photo of her mermaid hair. It was super exciting!

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