Dry Lash Extensions Faster with NovaLash's Royal Platinum Bond

by MODERN Staff | July 30, 2019 | NovaLash, Inc. | Skin Care

NovaLash’s Royal Platinum Bond is the fastest drying lash extension adhesive in the Platinum Bond series. This oil-proof and instantly waterproof lash adhesive is formulated to dry in about three to six seconds, depending on your preferred humidity level. This fast-drying lash adhesive secures volume fans in seconds and ensures they remain open, fluffy and perfectly placed on the natural lash. The low viscosity and ultra-fast setting reduce lash application time and allow you to apply more extensions, giving your clients thicker, fuller lashes. The thinner consistency means smoother, cleaner bases with less adhesive and a lighter fan weight. NovaLash says the Royal Platinum Bond is great for experienced lash artists who want faster drying adhesive and is also great for classic lash extensions.

Product features:

  • Fast-drying substance
  • Instantly waterproof and oil-proof formula
  • Securely cures in 3-6 seconds depending onhumidity levels - higher humidity, faster curing
  • Thinner consistency, allowing a smoother, cleaner lash line with a lighter fan weight
  • Lengthy shelf life of up to six months from date of manufacture


  • Lower viscosity means less adhesive can be used to achieve thick and full lashes
  • Very fast-drying formula allows lash artists to lash faster and reduces the separation time
  • Long lasting and durable, and keeps lash extensions fluffy and perfectly in place
  • Low fumes emitted for increased client comfort during lashing
  • Suitable for high volume techniques and classic lash extensions
  • Appropriate for lashing in any temperature point
  • Great for classic or volume lashes


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