How to Create Lived-In Beach Waves

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How to Create Lived-In Beach Waves

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Hannah Menor knows a thing or two about beachy waves; this San Diego-based stylist uses her @hannahdisconnected page to display a variety of vibrant hues styled in effortless finishes.

After coloring a client, Menor reaches for products from R+Co. The brand has a variety of shampoos and stylers, but is also unique in that it has four different dry shampoos in its arsenal: Death Valley, Spiritualized, Skyline and Badlands.

Menor has created a cocktail of R+Co's dry shampoos to create the perfect just-off-the-beach look.

"If you've ever wondered how some girls can go a week or more without having to wash their hair or style it every day, this is the secret," she says.

Part dry shampoo, part styling paste, R+Co’s Badlands adds second-day texture while absorbing oil. Its matte finish and reworkable hold mean there’s no buildup.

“Badlands is necessary for a knockout blowout,” Menor says. “I apply the paste at the root in the crown area to give amazing volume and hold."

When sprayed at the root and massaged in, Skyline leaves hair feeling fresh. Its nonaerosol pump allows stylists to deliver the powder with precision.

Using a micellar formula, Spiritualized transcends traditional dry shampoos to cleanse the scalp without a powdery residue. It also soothes itchy and dry scalps.

“I love using Spiritualized as a finishing product,” Menor says. “It’s great at the end of curling a client’s hair to give them more texture and a lived-in wave.”

In this video, Menor demos how to use Skyline, Badlands and Spiritualized to give her clients waves that look like they came straight from the Pacific Ocean. 


This client came to Menor having not washed her hair for three days.

  1. First Menor used Skyline dry shampoo powder at the root and worked it into the hair because the vitamins in the powder can help build volume and thicken the hair.
  2. Next she went in with a curling iron, alternating sections to give a more “lived-in” curl.
  3. Before brushing out the curls she sprayed Spiritualized dry shampoo mist because it can help removed build up on the hair as well adding fullness; the castor oils in the mist leaves the hair shiny while fighting frizz!
  4. To finish the look, Menor used Badlands dry shampoo paste and worked it all throughout the hair to help add amazing texture to her hair while still having her be able to run her fingers through it.

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