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2019 MODERN SALON 100: Bianca Salazar @biancahdrs

by Mary Kaleta | August 1, 2019

This Chicago colorist keeps it real from the start. Bianca Salazar first caught our eyes due to proximity, but she’s kept our hearts attached with her stunning color work. After MODERN featured her in an article about a color correction and extension install, she’s become a favorite among the staff for her gorgeous balayage and impressive photo skills.

Bianca Salazar


Tinley Park and Chicago, Illinois

Headdress Hair Studio, Tinley Park, Illinois

Specialty: Corrective color, Balayage, foilayage

Top-performing post: It was a carousel of a transformation/ corrective color I did on my lovely guest. We transformed her from a grown-out, high-contrast blonde to a rich brunette full of dimension and depth. I believe it got noticed because of how airy the aesthetic is of the overall picture. We were able to achieve this with the white background, soft makeup and a light-colored shirt, all of which made the hair the focal point of the whole look.

Favorite apps: Facetune to smooth out my guest’s skin; Lightroom to brighten up darker pictures taken at night; Instagram itself for sharpening and minor depth tweaks.

I follow: @romeufelipe, @joeltorresstyle, @xo.farhana.balayage, @brenebrown, @isabelselles

Pro tip: Some of my most engaged posts are because I gave information that helped my audience relate to my situation because I mentioned how hard it was to achieve and also because I showed my client’s face. It makes it relatable. They envision how it could look on them. Lighting does help a ton in providing a flattering picture, so I prefer to take most of my pictures between 12-4 p.m., with non-direct sunlight, with a clean background. If taking pictures on your phone, the camera phone will pick up any background pigment and reflect it onto the hair, which is why I chose white as my background for all of my pics.

Hidden talent: I am really good at cutting/shaping a really pretty J.Lo inspired split fringe.

Fun fact: I’m good at salsa dancing!

My audience follows me because: Because I try and keep it as real as possible. I show the pretty and the ugly of not just hair but of myself and mom life, as well.

How social media changed my life: I have met so many people that have influenced my style and direction. I have had so many great opportunities and challenges to grow not only in the industry but also as a person. Social media keeps you pushing for the next level because it is so saturated with brilliant creatives and masterminds of the beauty industry. It has helped me grow my clientele and has allowed me a platform to also keep my clients informed and why we stylists do the things we do.

My first @modernsalon feature: The first time I was featured on MODERN SALON, I was contacted by Mary Kaleta. At first, I had to do a double take. One only dreams of being featured on MODERN SALON alongside all these other genius artists. Not only was I featured, but Mary was also kind enough as to write an article on my post. It was a picture of how I converted what was going to be an extensions install consultation into a corrective color. I couldn’t control my excitement, might’ve cried a bit too, and I was so honored.


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