McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

If we told you McKenna Anzaldua paints hair on top of tables inside a barn, you might think we were lying. But this Colorado colorist does exactly that! Best known for her fluid hair painting, Anzaldua is able to achieve gorgeous blending backdropped with the stunning Colorado landscape. Her super sweet and humble attitude makes her a team player who we are lucky to have as part of our MODERN family.

McKenna Anzaldua

@mckenna_ _mckenna

McKenna McKenna Salon, Loveland, Colorado

Specialty: Fluid hair painting and balayage

Top-performing post: My most engaged post was a video of my beautiful guest sitting up from the fluid hair painting table when it was time to process. We call this the octopus sit up because of the effect it gives! Everyone always loves seeing this! I believe this one specifically went viral because of the incredible Rocky Mountain view I have from the salon, which you can see after my client sits all the way up. The combo of this odd octopus like scene in conjunction with my clients incredible Colorado Mountain View is why it went viral.

Favorite apps: Facetune to easily hide a guest’s breakout or she had bags under the eyes. This always helps them feel more confident in their picture. WordSwag to add my logo to any picture super easily. Oneshot to edit video.

I follow: @omgartistry @mickeycolonjr @fiidnt @derekcashstyles

McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

McKenna Anzaldua @mckenna_ _mckenna

Pro tip: Always ask a question in your caption. Make your audience engage and think about your post. When you name it, and that’s it you, don’t get people’s attention anymore. Your audience wants to engage with you. They want to talk, so take the time to ask a question and then respond back with their name and a well-thought-out response. If you look at some of the most well-known artists, they engage engage! It helps people see they are a real person behind the page and that you are approachable. Another one is to be positive and uplifting! I cannot stress this enough. No one likes to listen to people they look up to complain about a situation or client. Be professional and show that you can be positive in even a tough situation.

Hidden talent: I am fast at applications, whether it be painting or foiling! I have never noticed this, but my best salon buddies are always commenting on my quickness.

Fun fact: I am an athlete of all sports! I grew up in the pool as a competitive swimmer and am always outside doing something. Now it is with my kids going paddle boarding, hiking and more.

My audience follows me because: I add a lot about where I live in Colorado and my personal life. They see the person behind the art, and I think people can more easily connect to me when they feel like they know me as a person. I also think they love my fluid hair painting videos because there aren’t many stylists out there that stick with this technique!

How social media changed my life: Social Media has completely changed my career as a whole. It has helped me make connections that I would never have had otherwise. I know artists around the globe I can always ask for advice. I work with brands that I absolutely love and believe in. I have been able to design tools that are sold nationwide, and my voice has been able to be heard. I feel very honored to be a part of these things that social media has made possible for me.

My first @modernsalon feature: It was an article about why blondes don’t have to fade away when fall approaches and how I use fluid hair painting to blonde. It was such a special moment for me because it was one of the first times my work had been published like that.


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