Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

A scroll through Danielle Ferguson’s beautiful Instagram page is like traveling through a rainbow. From vibrant purples and perfect pinks to deep blues, it seems as though Ferguson has succeeded at nearly every color imaginable.

Danielle Ferguson


The Bespoke Salon, Scottsdale, Arizona

Specialty: Vibrant color and color melting

Top-performing post: Vivid updo. I did a vibrant red with an intricate vintage updo that gave the viewer the illusion of roses in the hair.

Favorite apps: Picsart, Typo Rama, Facetune

I follow: @rebeccataylorhair, @XoStylistxo, @JayWesleyOlson, @Mandaharche, @AlexisThurston

Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

Danielle Ferguson @hairordyechick

Pro tip: Lighting: make sure you’re not in an area that’s blinded by the sun. You want it well shaded but also lit at the same time. You also don’t want too many shadows that will dull your color.

Hidden talent: I can color melt a whole head of long hair in less than 30 minutes!

Fun fact: I am an artist at home. I enjoy painting and working with acrylic paint. I feel having color theory knowledge helps me.

My audience follows me because: They like seeing shiny, healthy, vivid hair. It’s hard to keep the integrity of hair when you must prelighten it as much as I need to time and time again. Plus,  I like to give them a cute vintage curl at the end (It’s my signature).

How social media changed my life: It has given my current clients as well as new ones the opportunity to share my work. Before social media existed, we had magazines and books. Now with social media and its popularity, it has given me a platform to reach out to a new audience and share my passion for color and vintage styling with the world! I’m so grateful for these platforms and how they have given my work an excellent place to reach out to current stylists as well as those just entering school or finishing.

My first @modernsalon feature: I was shared for this platinum silver color I gave to one of my clients. Not only did it go viral, but it has also become one of my most requested colors to date! I was so happy that such an amazing platform saw my work and loved it just as much as I did creating it.



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