Wahl Professional Launches New Cordless Detailer Li

by MODERN Staff | July 31, 2019 | Wahl Clipper Corporation | Clippers and Trimmers
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Wahl Professional is introducing its newest trimmer, the Cordless Detailer Li. 

Designed with a T-wide blade that provides more power when cutting, a cordless feature and a swivel cord that allows for flexibility and ease when charging, the Cordless Detailer Li is guaranteed to be a favorite among professionals.

“The fact that it’s lightweight and has a faster blade speed lets me get super close on all my cuts, leaving my line-ups perfectly detailed,” Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Miguel Rosas says. 

This blade is the same one used in the original Detailer; however, the Li allows the blade to move at a faster speed, allowing for close trims and clean lines. On a full battery charge, the company says this trimmer can handle up to 100 minutes of cutting time before needing to be charged again.

The company says it’s easy to know when the Cordless Detailer Li is ready for a charge. Located on the front of the Li is a blue light that will flash to indicate a low battery. When placed on the charger, the blue light pulses to indicate the tool is in charging mode. When fully charged, the blue light will glow steadily.

Unlike other charging stands that have the cord coming out of the bottom, this model allows the cord to come out from the back or the side of the charging base, allowing it to sit flush to the mirror of the barber’s or stylist’s station. Also, the charging station is weighted, giving it stability and allowing it to stay in place when the Li is removed.


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