Celebrating differences, helping guests discover their beauty and learning to grow together—the Salon at Ulta Beauty is moving the professional beauty industry forward. The team behind education at Ulta Beauty makes no small plans. Their mission is to produce stellar, frequent and purposeful workshops and in-salon training for associates, while crafting experiences that are also accessible and elevating for all salon professionals.

That’s why they’ve invested in sharing their education at major industry trade shows like America’s Beauty Show in Chicago and Premiere Orlando. That’s why they have the Pro Team and Design Team shooting trend collections, entering—and winning!—the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), and sharing how-to work and formulas consistently on Instagram and Facebook. That’s why they open the doors to not only national, but regional and local in-salon education across the country, encouraging Ulta associates to bring along a licensed, interested friend to experience it with them.

“Beauty professionals in search of inspiration, education and incredible career opportunities won’t find a better place to look than Ulta Beauty’s top-tier events,” Chief Artistic Director Ammon Carver promises.

Led by the award-winning Pro Team, which currently includes Carver, Nick Stenson, Sonya Dove, Sean Godard, Carmon Harmody, Danielle Keasling, David Lopez and Pekala Riley, these events showcase money-making, time-saving tips any salon pro can implement, while powerfully demonstrating that beauty is inclusive, no matter what products you prefer to use.

“We celebrate so many different brands and so many service needs of the salon guest at Ulta Beauty that we can unite beauty pros from all walks of life,” Carver says. “We can fulfill their creative needs with educators and artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

He encourages stylists and skin therapists to reach out to the salon manager at any nearby Ulta Beauty to inquire about the next opportunity to sit in. Along with hands-on workshops facilitated by Ulta district educators and Design Team members, there are regular regional demo classes taught by Pro Team members, including the one coming up September 29 in Denver. 

Beauty Goes to Washington
A brand new Ulta education experience open to all salon professionals is debuting at the Showroom in downtown Washington, D.C., on October 6, 2019. Some details are still under wraps, but expect a program rich with experiential activations for salon pros, along with a festive, artistic vibe and plenty of Ulta Beauty gifts and giveaways. Headlining and hosting are Pro Team members Carver, Stenson, Riley,  Godard and Lopez, all sharing amazing-yet-practical hair techniques to serve any guest in any chair. To sign up or get more info, email msienko@ulta.com.

All Call For Design Team
After experiencing Ulta-grade education, you may be so inspired you’ll want to become part of it. Now there’s a way to fast-forward the process.

For the first time, The Salon at Ulta Beauty is opening up auditions for its Design Team to any qualified salon professional.

“If you love what you do and own what you do, come join us,” current Design Team members say. “We experience so many great things working alongside each other and the Pro Team—session work and educating on stage and in the field. Every time I travel for Ulta, I say I am going to visit my other family.”

Stay tuned for details. Follow @nickstenson,
@ammoncarver and #ultabeautydesignteam

Check out the Salon at Ulta Beauty near you. Ask the salon manager for more info on local—and free!—Ulta Academy education and events. Apply at careers.ulta.com