“My client is your classic super mom who puts everyone else first,” Eva Scrivo (@evascrivosalons) says about her new client. “Born a fiery redhead, I wanted to recreate a soft strawberry blonde and make her feel like herself again.” Scrivo, founder of her two NYC salons and Eva Scrivo Academy, applied a new base color and added some of her signature balayage highlights to gently refresh her client. Scrivo cut her hair using a straight blade and then refined the shape with classic point cutting techniques. 

The look was finished by resident makeup artist Amanda Gabbard (@amandasgabbard) who taught their new ginger some simple make up skills that could be used to compliment the fresh color.


Step 1: Apply Goldwell 8N + 20volume to the root. Process for 35 minutes.

Step 2: While color is processing, paint balayage highlights throughout hair using Goldwell Silk Lift blended with 30 volume developer. Keep sectioning away from the face. “This is to add bright dimension and will often ‘clean’ the hair of over deposited color throughout ends,” Scrivo says.

Step 3: Shampoo and towel dry. Apply Goldwell Colorance 10G all over the hair. Process for 10 minutes and then rinse and condition.


Step 4: Cut the hair using Scrivo's signature Goddess layering pattern, featuring long layers based on concave geometric shapes. 

Step 5: Rough dry the hair 75% to keep the blowout airy and full. Smooth with a large round brush and finish with Leonor Greyl Eclait Natural for texture.  

Step 6: Achieve hydration with double applications of serums and moisturizers to smooth the palette. 


- Add a green color corrector to a light beige foundation to remove the red from her skin tone. 

- Think about how the same color theory works with hair color, always apply to make up. 

- Apricot, gold based browns and taupe shades were used to compliment her new color. 

Makeover: Gray and Faded To Strawberry Blonde
Makeover: Gray and Faded To Strawberry Blonde

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