If you follow @modernsalon on Instagram and we've ever featured your work, OF COURSE you've heard of Holly DeCastri. She is quite literally one of our #1 biggest fans—she regularly comments on every post we share, expressing incredible encouragement and gushy love to artists.

Not only is she an incredible supporter, she also is an incredible colorist! So when we wanted to challenge artists to create beautiful looks using Goldwell’s Pure Pigments, we of course thought of DeCastri.

On pre-lightened hair, DeCastri mixed Goldwell Pastel Peach with equal parts Goldwell Colorance processing lotion and used Goldwell’s Orange Pure Pigments and Lavender Pure Pigments.

“Pure Pigments are totally customizable!” DeCastri says. “I love the diversity of the line. Custom mixing, maximum shine and longer-lasting color hold."

Goldwell explains that the Pure Pigments don’t mix together —they sit next to each other on the hair so that each dye reflects its own color.

Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, and Pure Violet create a vibrant effect while Pearl Blue and Matte Green soften and counteract unwanted tones.

When combined with Goldwell’s color brands, in this case DeCastri used Colorance, @Pure Pigments is designed to create results with 63% more shine, shades are boosted by up to three-times the color intensity, and color will have two-times more resistance to color fading.