Men's Hair How-To: Undone Perfection

by Mary Kaleta | August 16, 2019
 - @alexfaction


Let's face it; some clients want to roll out of bed without needing to put much thought or effort into their daily hair routine. With Sexy Hair's men's line, you can show clients how to achieve  "I woke up like this" hair with just a few key products and simple steps.

Alex Rivera, @alexfaction, is a certified makeup artist and licensed hairstylist based in Los Angeles. He's known for his fun and quirky personality while also being extremely relatable. When it comes to men’s grooming, the Rivera says the perfect products are the right combination of work and play. 

Sexy Hair’s new line, Style Sexy Hair Made For Men, features products enhanced with fragrance notes such as bergamot, amber, musk and sandalwood.

The collection includes a 4-1 hair, body, face and beard wash that helps clients streamline the shower routine. The line’s other two products can be transitioned easily from the salon station to a retail opportunity. The Convertible Crème is a forming, texturing creme that offers medium flexible hold while adding a natural shine. The Polished Up Pomade water-based formula helps keep styles polished and creates that all-business look.

In this video tutorial, Rivera demos how to create effortless texture.





Step 1: Cleanse hair using the Sexy Hair’s “4Some" 4 in 1 shampoo and body wash/

Step 2: Apply Sexy Hair’s convertible cream on damp hair distributing the product evenly starting at the back of the heading working forward. 

Step 3: Using a round brush begin drying the hair backwards to add texture and movement.

Step 4: One the hair is dry apply more Convertible Creme to add shine, texture, and hold.


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