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Rodney Cutler, Ratner Companies Artistic Director was the lead hairstylist for the Bubbles for Hair and Salon Cielo trend shoot which was held recently in Brooklyn, New York. Cutler and his Ratner team, Steve Waldman, Director of Technical Training; John Harold, Creative Director; Sharon So, Creative Leader; Terri Banks, Education Leader; Anakin Chan, Bubbles Salon Professional and Ann Ratner, COO Upscale Brands, Co-Founder of Ratner Companies & Salon Professional worked with makeup artists and fashion stylists to transform a bevy of models, representing the diversity of texture, style and color that come in to any of the 33 Bubbles salons in the DC Metro area and five Salon Cielo salons in DC and Florida.

450 salon pros in the Bubbles and Salon Cielo family use these images as inspiration when creating looks for their clients. Christian Siriano, who used to work as a shampoo boy for Bubbles, provided some of the most dramatic and memorable clothing for the shoot.  

The stunning images, with New York Fashion Week inspired looks, will be used through the fall on the salon group’s social media feeds, websites, emails, for consumer promotions and internal training.

MODERN checked in with Cutler and Waldman to learn more about the shoot, trend, Ratner and more. Here they share their thoughts:

What are the most important trends for fall?

RC: Juxtaposition of strong, asymmetrical shapes. We also saw texture within the haircuts- there was a broad variety of looks. Vibrant, rich color such as pumpkin spice- perfect for that summer to fall transition. While its vibrant it also reads authentic and natural. Embracing natural texture.

What were your greatest challenges with this photoshoot?

RC: Understanding the brand DNA and what you're shooting for- what's the purpose/goal.Making sure we speak to varying trends and making them wearable across our salons and demographics- while also being inspiring enough to keep the stylists creatively stimulated so that we can bring tomorrow's looks to our clients.

What are your suggestions for keeping up on trend and technique so that a salon pro can deliver fresh and insightful information to the client?

SW: Keeping your eyes and ears open and staying open minded are crucial to delivering fresh info and keeping your Salon Guests engaged. What are they being influenced by, what are they talking about and how are current trends evolving for the future are great places to start.

Beautiful golden summer blondes were made creamy and iridescent for Fall with tones that had both violet and gold reflects. Education is key when creating these strategies. It gives us the why and how, allowing us to unlock our creativity. Even seasoned pros benefit from taking foundational skills and using them in fresh new ways. Formulation that comes from great education is key. One color formula applied to the right underlying pigment can create beautiful and dramatic results.

Why did you choose to join the Ratner team?

RC: I found the history of Ratner and the founders Ann and Dennis to be so inspiring in that it is still, to this day, with all of their success, a hair company focused on the guest experience and the staff and salon professionals.

What are the benefits of becoming a Ratner hairdresser?

SW: Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities.  At  Ratner companies there truly isn't a limit to what you can achieve and the ways you can express yourself as an artist. Along with delivering amazing service to our Salon Guests, if you have a passion for education, leadership, anything that inspires you,  the support and resources are here to connect your passion with purpose and set you up to prosper.

Behind the scenes of the photoshoot:


How-to dress up a ponytail for fall:

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