How to Use Extensions to Add Volume to a Bob


Extensions are a stylist's best friend. Whether it's adding color, dimension or length, stylists and colorists have embraced extensions for a multitude of salon needs. They're even becoming increasingly popular for clients experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Las Vegas stylist Shelley Gregory uses Great Lengths extensions, and she recently decided to show her more than 114,000 Instagram followers one more way extentions can problem solve at the salon.

Gregory's client was looking to achieve the trendy, effortless bob that's all the rage right now. But instead of just working with the client's natural hair and piling on products, Gregory thought outside the box.

"We wanted to add brightness and density to give her blunt bob more dimension and pop," Gregory says. "I immediately knew that the GL Tapes from Great Lengths would be perfect. I used two packs to achieve this final look." 

The GL Tapes are the brand's newest offering. In addition to adding pops of color or highlights without commitment, the extensions work to bulk up braids, amp up volume and add length. They contain the same high-quality Indian Remy Great Lengths hair found in the premium bonded extension products. Every strand retains its valuable cuticle layer from root to end. The hair quality allows for the GLTapes to be reused multiple times. They can be used as single- or doubletape attachments and, with proper care, can last up to eight weeks.

"These GL Tapes aren’t your average tape-ins," Gregory says. "They not only have the best quality hair, but also the tape is small and mighty. I love that they are easy to apply and remove and leave no residue in the hair because the tape is so much smaller then other tapes I have used."

Watch as Gregory uses GL Tapes to add volume to this chic bob:



Prep: Shadow rooted and low lighted with demi permanent color to deepen her blonde and keeping it healthy.

Step 1: After blow drying, cut off 3 inches around her entire perimeter before starting the GL Tapes.

Step 2: Install two colors ( rooted 67/84 + 8-24) to give the most natural blend, while also allowing her to get some bright blonde toward her ends.

Step 3: Section out her front two quadrants starting from 1 inch behind her ear. Then subsection from about 1-1.5 inch above her hairline and ears.

Step 4: Use the measuring tool to see how many piece are needed for this section. Note: This client needed three, which also allowed her to have enough room around her front hairline to pull her hair back it up.

Step 5: Place first tape starting from back of section and move forward. Place GL Tape about 1/4 inch from root then flip up and secure with tape. Finish by using clamping tool to secure.

Step 6: Next section should be 1-2 inches above previous; brick layer the GL Tapes to blend.

Step 7: Repeat this same pattern in opposite side of the head.

Step 8: After everything is installed evently, finish the cut by evening out the length and removing any unwanted length. This way she can style and blend it easier when she is styling herself.

Step 9:  Rebook clients for six-week touchups, and always send them home with the GL Tapes take-home guide.


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