The Crochet Braid is one of the most impressive and intricate braids you can offer your client. Crocheting is a process of interlocking loops with a needle to create a pattern, and  if you have the skills, can be easily transferred from yarn to strands. Sam Villa, Co-Founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador, is a styling expert and applies the method to hair using fingers as the needle to create a crochet braid.

Crochet Braid by Sam Villa

Crochet Braid by Sam Villa

“I’m loving this crochet braid technique right now because you can build remarkable visual texture that can be modified in many ways, so it can meet the needs of multiple salon guests,” Villa says.

STEP 1: Isolate a rectangle section on the top of the head and clip away with Sam Villa Cutting Clips.

STEP 2:  Take out an accent piece at nape area and clip aside.

STEP 3:  Apply Redken Rough Paste 12 on the top side of one hand for easy access.

STEP 4: On the first side, take a diagonal forward section and apply a small amount of Redken Rough Paste 12 to bind section together.

STEP 5: Using the index finger and thumb as the crochet needle hook, hold fingers on the outside of a slice of one of the sections, loop the tail to create a circle and pull the hair through enough to make a new loop. Take another slice from the side; add to the tail, feed through the loop and pull. Repeat. When there is no more hair to feed into the slice, continue the technique without feeding hair until the end and secure.  Repeat on other side.

STEP 6: Fold both sides together at back to create a chignon.

STEP 7: Divide top rectangle section in half and continue crocheting one side and then the other without feeding hair into the sections.  Keeping consistent rhythm and apply product to bind the pattern. Pin each section over the existing chignon.

STEP 8: Take out accent section at nape and backcomb for a dramatic visual effect in the back.

“I like to come up with new ways of braiding to help keep me enthused and motived behind the chair.  Remember, there’s danger in the comfort zone!” Villa adds.


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