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5 Tips to Win NAHA

by Maggie Mulhern | August 28, 2019

Charlie Price is on top of his competition game, most notably the PBA's NAHA. Price has been nominated twenty seven times and has won four of the coveted trophies which he displays, with great pride, on a dedicated multi-level award shelf studio and salon.

MODERN visited recently and toured BEAUTY UNDERGROUND in Denver, Colorado, where Price works on clients and creates his collections and competitions entries. While there we asked for his tips to winning NAHA.

Here Price shares his top five:

1.  PHOTOGRAPHER: Work with someone that understands beauty and fashion but even more importantly understands the competition. The photographer is your MVP! 

2. MODELS: The better your models look, the better your work looks! Never underestimate model selection 

3.  MAKEUP AND WARDROBE: Make sure you have a makeup artist that is talented and can achieve your vision - make sure that you put time, effort and thought into it - it is such a huge component. Also put energy into the wardrobe. Collections with wonderful or clever or unusual wardrobe really stand out 

4.  PRACTICE: Go over your looks a few times before shoot day and even photograph them yourself with your phone - this will help develop your looks to a point where you won’t freeze on set. Many collections get derailed over one weak image - even after practicing - which is why I usually shoot an extra model or even two. 

5.  RESEARCH YOUR CATEGORY: I cannot emphasize enough knowing what is appropriate for each category . Read then re-read the rules. A beautiful collection may not make it through judging simply because it doesn’t reflect the parameters of the competition.


Charlie Price shares his tips here:

Enjoy a tour of BEAUTY UNDERGROUND where Price shoots his collections and competition entries:

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